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    Established the predecessor (Jiangyin Electrical Alloy Plant) on June 12, 1985, Jiangyin Electrical Alloy Limited Liability Company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production as well as sales of non-ferrous metal alloy products. The key product of the company is highly processed copper alloy product, including contact line of railway, carrier cable of railway, cooper alloy generatrix and other copper parts in detail. Due to development requirement, the company recruits several staffs. Hereafter are relative events:

    Employment condition

    Being passionate in job, possessing strong service consciousness and utter devotion spirit; observing law and discipline, being able to bear harship and stand hard work and possessing overall viewpoint as well as team spirit.

    Personnel with relative work experience is preferred.

    Age: ≥ 18-year-old

    Having no illegal or undisciplined record.

    Enjoying good health

    Employment requirement

    The applicant shall provide the original copies and duplicate copies of resume, ID, academic certificate, certificate of physical examination, domicile certificate, 2 photos and other relative documents. The applicant shall sign up at, and the recruiter of company will conduct qualification examination toward the applicant.